Got questions? We have answers.

Question: How much does it cost to fix my computer in your shop?

Answer: 90% of in shop repairs cost between $60 – $90. Please see our prices for more information.

Question: How long will it take to get my computer back?

Answer: We do our absolute best to get your computer repaired ASAP. Most repairs are completed within 2 – 3 business days.

Question: Can you save my data?

Answer: We realize that user data is often worth more to our customers than the computer itself. Our first priority is always to preserve your data. There are rare circumstances (such as hard drive failure) where data may be not be able to be saved.

Question: How did I get this virus and why didn’t my anti-virus stop it?

Answer: There are many ways that your computer can be infected, from e-mails to social networking to seemingly harmless software. Viruses are being continuously developed to overwrite and bypass even the best antivirus programs.

Question: What can I do to prevent this in the future?

Answer: Never click on any type of “Your computer is infected, click here!” warning- this is probably the most common virus threat we see here. These ‘warnings’ are actually trojan viruses masquerading as helpful programs. Avoiding suspicious emails, even from friends, will help keep your computer uninfected as well. Be careful with the software you download, too: some software can come bundled with unwanted malware, so it’s advised to make sure that you know it’s a trusted and well-known program before putting it on your computer.

Question: Will you send my computer back with protection?

Answer: Yes! All of the computers we work on are sent back with free AVG antivirus protection (unless the client requests a different program). Your computer will return fully updated with the latest security and maintenance updates from Microsoft as well. And as part of the repair package, we also include the latest versions of Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, Java, QuickTime, and Open Office.

Question: Do you buy old computer parts?

Answer: We do not. However, you can bring us any old computer parts you don’t need to be properly recycled.

Question: Do you work on printers?

Answer: We do work on commercial laser printers, but not on residential ones. With residential printers, it’s typically more cost-efficient to purchase a new printer rather than paying for it to be repaired.

Question: I got my computer back and the mouse isn’t working! What’s going on?

Answer: In order for older PS2 mice to function properly, they must be plugged in before the computer is turned on. If your mouse isn’t working, turn your computer off completely, unplug the mouse, and plug it back in. Then boot up your computer and it should work fine.