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Help us protect our planet

Electronic items have invaded our lives, almost making us decrepit in its absence. It gives us comfort and all those pleasures that could be earlier thought of and not done practically. But with this comfort has come in the problem of disposing off the electronic devices. It is not wise to put them in the trash can firstly because they have toxins that are fueling the atmospheric pollution time bomb and secondly they contain certain parts that are costly and recyclable. Here are the reasons why we must take care of the e-wastes:

Discarded Electronic Items Cause Pollution - Have you ever thought about the materials that are found in your devices? Just take, for example, your smartphones! You cannot sustain without it, but it contains considerable proportions of element like arsenic, lead and chromium. The picture tube televisions that are a vanishing breed now contained four to eight pounds of lead. Older versions of the computers also had mercury in monitors and even if they have been now replaced, the fluorescent light does contain mercury. You will also find Cadmium-Nickel combination on the key boards, and they are carcinogenic. Batteries, that e so desperately use to keep our cell phone alive, or our laptop alive also contains lithium, an extremely harmful element.

Donating can Help Others - If you take the step of donating your old and worn out gadgets, you can help someone enjoy it over. Very often many people don’t have the money to enjoy the resources of technology, every time you make a selfless donation; under privileged people can reap its benefits. Non-profit organizations, schools, low income families all can derive benefit out of your act of benevolence.

Job Availability for Locals - Even though, this aspect seems a little prospect for the near future yet as this market of recycling grows, there will be a necessity for more people to work in this industry. This is a noble prospect because you are stalwarts who will be conscious of safeguarding the future of the next generation. The corporate sector is the one that can certainly make the change. Most of the dumping of electronic goods comes from the corporate sector. Additionally many of us do have a little part in the pollution so far. So it is high time that we try to make a change. Even a minuscule change will be beneficial because only when we try to bring a change individually will the collective effort make its presence felt.

Below is a current list of Electronics waste we are accepting:

Desktop Computers


Cell Phones